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Quickpose MobileSDK

Swift Package Manager

QuickPose provides developer-oriented cutting edge ML features of MediaPipe and BlazePose, with easy integration and production ready code. Dramatically improving the speed of implementation of MediaPipe and BlazePose's pose estimation and skeleton tracking features into mobile applications.

How it works

QuickPose process a video frame and makes it easy for developers to perform complex AI features to the image, such as overlaying markings to the output image to highlight the user's pose.

+----------+          +-------------+          +-----------------+
| | | | | Overlay Image |
| Camera |--------->| QuickPose |--------->| + |
| | | | | Results |
+----------+ +-------------+ +-----------------+

Supported Platforms

iOS DeviceSilicon Mac (M1, M2, etc)iOS Simulator x86_64iOS Simulator arm64
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